A Leisurely Morning Among Morristown

 The crunch of acorns under foot, our wrong turn led us on a walk towards the entrance of this 1774 Georgian styled mansion.  A colonel of the Revolutionary War called this home & General George Washington called this his headquarters for a brief time.

These prettiest of details are often overlooked in favor of more sleek & modern designs nowadays, but these character-filled components infused with secrets from history are etched in my heart.

I gaze at the traditional shutters. While beautifully preserved, to see this house in all its glory sends me daydreaming wistfully. 

Walking along the brick pathway that runs in front of the house, I can almost hear the trotting of horse shoes coming up the path,  see candlelight flickering through the panes, & smell the warm notes of chimney smoke curling over the rooftop.  I want to feel the cold iron handle of the front door, push it open to reveal beautifully laid hardwood floors &  hear the ghost of a whisper coming from a dusty room; General Washington discussing his plans in hushed tones, reminding me that we are here the with the rights & freedoms we have, partly because of brave men who once lodged here.

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