Autumn Rhythms

I am in love with daily rhythms.  They truly are the key to sanity in our household.  We love the rituals of waking up slowly, outdoor adventure time before lunch, the winding down during afternoon quiet time & the rejuvenation that it brings.  I live for that early morning coffee in bed while the rest of the house still slumbers, the ritual of lighting candles as darkness falls, & the savory scents wafting from the kitchen at 6:30 reminding us to wash up before supper.  

Rhythms do not make us slaves to the constructs of our day.  Instead, they provide us comfort in the predictability & reference when the day feels rushed.  Now that October has arrived, we are in full swing of our autumn rhythms.  Each day gently prods us along while reminding us to be intentional in how we do our daily duties.


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