Autumnal Crafts

When the weather welcomes us with cooler days & changing leaves, we throw on our favorite sweaters & try to absorb as much of nature as possible.  However, this season is also for hurricanes on the East, so on rainy days we dust off the craft bins & break out the paints, glue, & whatever odds & ends please us.  Being a habitual DIY'er, I have accumulated quite the collection of antique buttons, stickers for every occasion, yards & yards of colorful yarn & fabrics, watercolors, acrylics, googly eyes & whathaveyous. But my favorite crafts are those that don't require anything more than some treasures from nature & a small handful of household items.

This day has graced us with rain which means long naps, displaying our favorite findings from our walk the previous day, & creating a spooky fun Halloween craft.  Both of these crafts are easy for toddlers & children to help or (depending on age) do themselves.

The day before, Reagan & I went on a beautiful nature hike.  Reagan picked his favorite leaves as I identified which tree they were from.  I wanted to find a way to display Reagan's newfound treasures so with his help, we decided to make a leaf window ornament.

What you need:

  1. Con-Tact paper
  2. Leaves
  3. Scissors
  • Start by cutting 2 identical squares from the contact paper. Gently peel off the back of one & place it sticky side up on your work-space.  
  • Carefully arrange leaves on the sticky side. You can move them by gently peeling them off, just be careful. 

  • Then take the last square & carefully peel its backing off.  Line it up sticky side down with the paper that has the leaves & carefully stick both sticky sides together.  You can use a plastic card or your fingers to smooth out any bubbles.
  • Tape to your window & enjoy!  I put ours on our front door so that Reagan can appreciate his work. 

I can't wait to see this when the sun filters through!

Since the leaf project took all of 5 minutes to do, we decided to make a Halloween craft as well...Popsicle stick spider webs!  Reagan has taken an interest in spiders so he was excited for this project.

What you need:
  1. Popsicle sticks (3 for each web you make)
  2. White paint (I had this on hand)
  3. Paint brush
  4. Glue gun
  5. Plastic spiders
  6. Yarn (I used about 3 ft for each web)
  • Start by hot gluing three Popsicle sticks together in an asterisks shape.
  • Paint the sticks white & allow to dry.

  • Place a dab of hot glue on the middle of the back Popsicle, placing one end of string on it.  Wrap yarn around the middle where the Popsicle sticks meet and continue wrapping over & around each Popsicle stick, continuing up in a spiral pattern.  
  • Once finished, I hot glued the last wrap in place so that way when I hang the webs they won't come undone.  
  • Add a fun spider on your web & hang! 

I'd love to hear your thoughts or ideas for other simple seasonal crafts!


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