Weekly Gratitude 1:2

Each week I'll be doing a short post of things I am grateful for, along with setting an intention.  I might also talk about a product that I'm loving (no ads); or perhaps a piece of poetry, song, or quote that is resonating with me during that particular week.  It's important for us to continually be grateful for even the most mundane tasks; it keeps us humble & reminds us that (even during hard seasons) our lives are truly wonderful.

So without further ado,

3 things I am grateful for this week:

  1. Candles.  The weather is starting to turn cold & once the sun sinks down, I love nothing more than to light some candles.  There's something so romantic about candlelight & I have grown fond of the flickering flame lighting the evening.  Candles also = hygge....or at least help create hygge.  If you're asking yourself, "what in the world is hygge?" or if you're struggling to pronounce it, here is a great definition for what exactly hygge is.  Having this ritual to enjoy when it becomes dark so early really allows me to revel in long dark evenings.   This brings me to the second thing I am grateful for.
  2. Hygge.  It tends to be associated more with the colder months, & although hygge is indeed practiced all year round, there's something special about fall/winter hygge.  I spend many a daylight hour daydreaming of how when the moon & stars come out, I can turn down my lamps, slip into some thick wool socks, light some candles, turn on some ambient folk music or vocal jazz, & curl up with a blanket & a piping hot cup of tea.  Where Reagan has a bedtime ritual containing a warm bath followed by one episode of Paw Patrol, mine is this cosy little moment where I can sink into warmth & candlelight.
  3. Being a Stay-at-Home-Mom (SAHM), which doesn't exactly correlate with the above two, but whenever Reagan catches a bug & is under the weather (which thankfully is not often at all), I am reminded how lucky I am to be able to stay home with him.  Yes, I wake up grateful for this lifestyle every day.  However; when he's sick I don't have to worry about calling into a job or trying to find coverage for a shift.  It makes me appreciate single/working mothers & how they manage to balance it all. 
Which leads me into the 2 things I am LOVING this week:
  1. The Graco Nasal Aspirator.  Poor baby Reagan has indeed been under the weather the last few days. Too much tissue chafes & since he can't properly blow his nose, this contraption works wonders.  This battery operated suction allows you to get all the mucus quickly and efficiently. The little collecting cup is slightly distasteful, but it does allow for a quick evaluation of color/consistency. As a parent, I appreciate how easy it is to clean, & Reagan enjoys that it also plays baby music which provides a nice distraction. 
  2. Yogi Cold Season Tea. I relish all the excess cuddles & snuggles I get when Reagan is sick; however, in the back of my mind I'm hoping that I'm not next in line.  When I start to feel that tickle in my throat, I immediately reach for this caffeine free tea. A combination of ginger, cardamom, cinnamon, clove, eucalyptus, licorice, orange peel, & peppermint, I add a teaspoon or two of local honey and enjoy sipping it all day. It's really like a lozenge in a teacup.
As for this week's intention: I intend to focus on the fact that I indeed am enough & have enough.  It's so easy in today's world (especially when participating on social media) to feel that unless we have that one thing everyone else has, we aren't good enough & we don't have enough. I have plenty of the important in my life & home.  That is what I intend on remembering. 


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