Weekly Gratitude 1:3

I've been doing a short post of things I am grateful for, along with setting a weekly intention.  I've also been talking about products that I'm currently loving on (no ads); or perhaps a piece of poetry, song, or quote that is resonating with me during that particular week.  It's important for us to continually be grateful for even the most mundane tasks; it keeps us humble & reminds us that (even during hard seasons) our lives are truly wonderful.

This week I'm grateful for:

  1. Our garden.  With harvest season behind us & our eyes set on the upcoming winter, Reagan & I spent our Sunday morning preparing our sweet little 4' x 4' vegetable garden for the cold season.  Pulling weeds & dying plant stalks with no produce left to bear, tilling the soil & putting some aside in a jar for yearly pH testing, & laying a mixture of straw & compost down. Reagan enjoys breaking apart the large clumps of soil, while I enjoy teaching him the ways of the garden & knowing that our hard work will pay off in spring.
  2. Having our own laundry machines.  I give much credit to those who have small children & no personal laundry unit.  I have indeed lived many years without my own washing machine, hauling baskets down the block & scrounging for quarters, so I appreciate how wonderful it is to have it conveniently located in our home.

This week (& probably for many to come) I'm crushing hard on this Autumn Playlist.  Filled with some of my favorite artists (Ben Howard & Andrew Bird for starters), these 160+ folk tunes are quickly becoming the soundtrack to my day; Lord Huron croons while I wash dishes & Sufjan Stevens laments while I relax with my cup of tea in the afternoon sun-filled living room.

Also I feel I should mention Reagan's favorite this week, which I in turn am loving.  Duck & Goose Find a Pumpkin.  The Duck & Goose board books are a favorite among young children & in this story the duo are in search of their very own pumpkin.  Great for Halloween (& autumn in general), Reagan loves to help read this one while I absolutely adore the oil illustrations done in beautiful fall hues.  We are currently borrowing our copy from the library, but when I'm asked to read it multiple times a day, I'm considering purchasing it & their Christmas story as well.

My weekly intention is this: If someone is to project their unwanted/unwelcome negative feelings onto me, I will not take it personally.  I realize they are in an uncomfortable place themselves & I will not let someone else's negative energy affect my peace.


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