Weekly Gratitude 1:4

I've been doing a short post of things I am grateful for, along with setting a weekly intention.  I've also been talking about products that I'm currently loving on (no ads); or perhaps a piece of poetry, song, or quote that is resonating with me during that particular week.  It's important for us to continually be grateful for even the most mundane tasks; it keeps us humble & reminds us that (even during hard seasons) our lives are truly wonderful.

This week I'm grateful for:

  1. The autumn foliage! Autumn colors are starting to peak here in Northern New Jersey & I'm brimming with all the fall feels.  Leaves in shades of citrine, rust, auburn, & cinnamon are infused with so much romance; the trees saying adieu in such a beautiful manner.
  2. Quiet mornings. The ritual of lighting a single white pillar candle & watching the reflection of the flame flicker in the mirror, gently creating a halo of light in the bedroom while everyone slumbers; quietly tiptoeing downstairs, skipping the third step lest it creak. The flame under the kettle on the stove providing enough light to prepare a savory mug of coffee. Sliding ever so carefully back under the warm duvet next to a dreaming babe, I relish this moment of silence; slowly sipping my coffee as I watch the streetlights go dark one by one & the sun greet the tiny rows of houses it shines upon.

This week marks that time of year when we start preparing to settle in for the winter.  The winds have turned colder & with it have brought the instinctual scurry to tuck into our cosy homes.  Late October/early November in the image of heaps of summer clothes, stacked precariously in the closet hallway waiting to be stored, while fall jackets & winter coats intertwine in the front closet; blanket scarves, wool mittens, & fur lined hats tucked in their respective cubbies.  Late October & early November conduct music that sounds like discarding summer's too small & too worn out items, tucking in the freshly tilled garden with layers of straw, & feeding the compost with dried up & frost bitten leftovers of front porch annuals, fallen leaves, & plants with no produce left to bear.  Yes this has been our project the last week & though they're made of simple tasks, this is how we find what we're most grateful for.

This week's intention is all about slowing down.  Over the weekend I found myself hurrying about instead of adopting my child's mentality of finding wonder in the slow & everyday.  This week I shall try to stay in sync with him, little step by little step.


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