Weekly Series 1:1

Each week I'll be doing a short post of things I am grateful for, along with setting an intention.  I might also talk about a product that I'm loving (no ads); or perhaps a piece of poetry, song, or quote that is resonating with me during that particular week.  It's important for us to continually be grateful for even the most mundane tasks; it keeps us humble & reminds us that (even during hard seasons) our lives are truly wonderful.

So without further ado:

3 things I am grateful for this week

  1. The acorns (pictured above) that Reagan carefully chose.  It's heartwarming to see him take such an interest in nature.  I love watching him squat down, observing the fallen acorns.  Seeing his little fist close around a chosen few, then run to his bike's basket & throw them.  There they'll stay until we find a puddle for Reagan to throw them in.
  2. Quiet time. Our autumn rhythm schedule includes 2 hours of quiet time/nap time everyday.  This afternoon time is cherished; while Reagan gets to recharge during a nap, I get to make a cup of tea & curl up with my latest book or catch up on a show.  This downtime helps us get through that late afternoon slump.
  3. Our backup AC unit.  Living on the East Coast usually means the warm & humid season tends to linger a little longer.  So when our AC unit in the bedroom busted, I was incredibly thankful that we had a spare in the attic.  While I sit in the arctic tundra bedroom, I will be crossing my fingers that by week's end we'll have cooler temperatures perfect for throwing open windows at night.

P got me the sweetest notebook & stationery this weekend.  I can't wait to write to my dearest pen-pal with these & I keep daydreaming of all the poetry I can write in my beautiful notebook!

As for this week's intention...
Each day is going to come as is, regardless of how I think they should be. Casting aside the idea of how each day should come or how my family should act, I intend to respond first to respond first & react later; separating my emotions (& reaction to their emotions) from what they need from me.


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