Whirlwind of Thoughts

Nature has on its finest display for us; each tree boasting its color, vying for our attention. I imagine us in a globe of  auburn, burnt sienna, goldenrod, & amber leaves.  The heavens shake our globe, creating a whirlwind of leaves to swirl around us; eventually falling gracefully, resting in the water to float lazily across the lake without a care in the world.  

Time seems to stop as a few leaves lay to rest at our feet.  I'd do almost anything to stop the seconds from falling if only for a moment. To bottle up the scent of your hair, forever feeling  your curls against my face on my skin.  Imprinting the feel of your small hand inside mine on my skin.  All these I'd display lovingly on a shelf, polishing pristine, to open in the future when I need reminding that with you I know no loneliness.  Where I end, you begin.  You are my sight & I your voice; you show me the beauty in the everyday if only we take a moment to slow down & I teach you the world through lullabies at night, through telling stories of before your time or rereading your most favorite book while cuddling on the couch, legs intertwining & your little head resting ever so readily on my chest.  My heart resides outside my bones, taking the shape of you. It shatters when you cry, celebrates when you laugh, & will continue to do so forever.  My love for you is as steady & certain as the river... the river brings me back to this moment.  Still keeping time, ever certain in its  flow over rocks & fallen trees; thus reminding me that time is indeed moving forward.  Such is an indication to cherish each & every moment.


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