Tot School: Autumn

Welcome!  I hope everyone who celebrated Thanksgiving had a wonderful time with family & friends while rediscovering everything you’re thankful for.  Week One of Tot School was relatively laid back.  Partly because there was a holiday involved, but we have spent the last month & a half relishing the changing season; collecting fallen leaves on our nature walks, preserving them in wax, & finding various ways to display them throughout the house.  We spent wonderful, memory filled hours picking apple in September & finding the PERFECT pumpkins in October.

Our autumnal book selections this week:
  • Duck & Goose Find a Pumpkin.  Reagan’s favorite book.  How heartwarming it is to hear your child recite their favorite lines from stories.  Beautiful oil illustrations depict the adventure of Duck & Goose trying to find the perfect pumpkin.
  • Awesome Autumn.  Colorful images & interesting facts fill this book, giving children fun, informative knowledge about what really happens during autumn.
  • Bear Has a Story to Tell. A story about hibernation, patience, & friendship.  A sweet tale with pretty pictures.

Our discovery activity was yet another nature walk.  Observing the last few leaves clinging to their branches, the weather changes as we wear thicker jackets layered with hats & scarves while we welcome the fresh air into our lungs, breathing in life itself as we become increasingly more energized with each passing moment out in nature.

Our STEAM activities included:
 Finger-paint Turkey.  
I grabbed a roll of brown packaging paper along with some red & yellow finger-paint.  A wonderful project for a rainy afternoon & Reagan learned about how mixing colors can create new ones (red+yellow=orange).  We let it dry overnight, then added the body, beak, & eyes.

Turkey Sticker Sorter.  

Another craft involving brown packaging paper & colored paper.  The sticker we used were from a garage sale long since passed.  Reagan was very pleased with himself as he correctly matched the stickers to the correct color turkey feather. 

I hope you'll join us next week as we discuss our week of discovering patterns! Have you tried any of these activities with your littles? Drop a comment on how they liked it & what they learned!


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