The Arms & Heart of a Mother

You fell asleep on me today & it occurred to me that this glorious moment has not happened in quite some time. In between days of growing & learning & playing & wandering, you stopped sleeping on my chest. It is now that I find myself experiencing what it means when they say, “it doesn’t last forever”.

Already I find myself torn, in constant tug of war with mind & heart. I daydream of all the things I can’t wait for us to do, yet I long for those days when you napped only in my arms, beads of sweat of your brow as your eyelids fluttered deep in sweet baby dreams. Breathing in your scent: milk & lavender, notes of detergent from freshly laundered knits. 

As you rustled & moved away from my outstretched arms trying to coerce you back to my heart, I found myself silently praying that this isn’t the very last time.


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