Tot School: Patterns

With the first week of tot school feeling so natural & easy for us, I was a little nervous going into the second week.  Reagan & I had never discussed patterns, so we were facing a blank learning slate.  Thoughts lay like obstacles in my mind. How well would he take to learning something completely new?  Would it be too advanced? Or yet, how capable am I to teach something completely new?  I would like to think most homeschooling parents feel this way at one point or another.  But I reminded myself that haven't we taught Reagan so much already?  Not just academic-wise, but how to help around the house, to be kind, & the little steps to taking care of himself?  We were successful in those, so how can a week of new information be much different?

So to introduce the concept of patterns, we borrowed 2 lovely books from the library:
  1. Rosie's Walk by Pat Hutchins. This book about a chicken being followed by a fox is illustrated in almost all patterns, not to mention a delight to read.
  2. I See a Pattern Here by Bruce Goldstone. TONS of patterns in this & the book goes into detail about how certain patterns are made, & where patterns can be found in nature to art.
We enjoyed spending time outside to observe the different patterns that were right out the front door. (Fences, bird feathers, building windows, & tire tracks to name a few). 

By now Reagan was starting to get the idea, so later in the week we did 2 pattern activities using cut-outs from a few pages of scrapbook paper & plain printing paper that I designed (rather crudely) a pattern on. 

 First we sorted our three different patterns into separate containers & with each one, we'd repeat orally what the pattern was.  Reagan had so much fun with this one that we ended up doing it three times over!

Next I used the same paper cutouts from the previous activity to lay out different pattern sequences on the floor. I would go about halfway, then let Reagan figure out what came next.  Overall, it was a successful week of learning.  This morning, as we were getting dressed, Reagan pointed out the knit pattern on his sweater.  It was a proud little parenting moment & affirm the belief that I really do know the best way to teach him.  Remember to join us next week as we talk all about body parts (in a toddler-friendly way)! 


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