Tot School: Grocery Store

Is it normal for kids to enjoy the supermarket?  When I was a child, I always enjoyed going to the supermarket, & I still look forward to our trips there every Monday.  There's something so soothing about being able to pick up your grocery items in one smooth trip, knowing the aisles up & down so you never have to double back.  As much as I love it though, you'll never catch me there on any day other than Monday or Tuesday or after 10:30 am.  Our local supermarket services 4 different towns & is awfully tiny with a confusing parking lot.  Couple that with any holiday, after work hours, or weekend...I think I'd rather starve then be stuck behind someone who doesn't have a clue what they're looking for.  Anyways, what I'm trying to get at is Reagan LOVES.  Mama's boy in more ways than one, & since this week was the special topic of Grocery Shopping, we made a special trip to the giant & much fancier market 20 minutes away.  It's the same business as the one near us, but the larger one has so much more (& slightly better) product.  Plus they have the little kid shopping carts that I (& every kid ever) just LOVES.  They even have little flags attached that say, "Customer in Training".  Obviously Reagan was just thrilled to push around his very own cart & I let him pick out most of the stuff on our grocery list.  Aside from the ground beef & 4 lb bag of flour, he pushed everything else in his cart.

He got SO many compliments, but can you blame him?

The two books we read were:
  1. At the Supermarket by Anne Rockwell tells the story of a boy helping his mother at the supermarket, & the ingredients they get for a special surprise.
  2. Llama Llama Yum Yum Yum!: A Scratch & Sniff Book by Anna Dewdney. Clever like all the other Llama Llama books, a trip to the supermarket along with delicious scratch & sniff pages.
We broke out the paint for our food themed crafts.  A little finger-painting gave way to a lovely Blueberry work of art.  I also took the ends of an orange, lemon, & apple & let Reagan dip them in paint to "stamp" them to see their differences. 

Do your kids like the supermarket? Are they more the type to sit in the cart or push it?  Drop a comment below & let me know!  Also remember to follow my Pinterest (link on the home page) so you can follow the Tot School board along with fun craft ideas!


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