Tot School: Shapes

Shapes poster, courtesy of Target
One of the things I love about homeschooling is that I'm constantly learning along with Reagan.  Before this week, I wasn't exactly sure how many sides a hexagon had or what a rhombus was.  Who knew tot school is a great refresher for adults too?!

This week we worked on shapes & it's so wonderful to hear Reagan point out different shapes as we're out & about.  For example, yesterday at Target, he said, "Triangle!" while pointing to a triangular hanging piece of décor.  Not only was I proud, I'm constantly being reminded to actually SEE what's around me, as children do.  Had he not pointed it out, I would have walked right passed it without so much as a glance.  Kids observe everything & it's a blessing to see the wonder in their eyes over things you & I take for granted.  

We only chose two books this week on shapes, partly because our library was closed all last week so any books that were put on hold had to wait a week to be serviced.  The two we were able to grab though proved plenty in order to introduce shapes.

  1. Hello World!'s Paris: A Book of Shapes by Ashley Evanson.  What a beautiful board book this is! Pretty little detailed shapes hide amongst some of Paris's most famous landmarks in this sweet book.
  2. Big Bird's Guessing Game About Shapes. Featuring your child's favorite Sesame Street characters, this board book has children looking for certain shapes throughout the pages.
The field trip aspect of our week ended up being us pointing out different shapes as we were out & about.  Like I said previously, it worked well, seeing as Reagan started to point them out on his own.

We did play a fun game of "Shape Jump".  I cleared an area in the living room & used painter's tape to create a few different shapes on the floor.  Make sure if you do this, it doesn't take off any finish you may have on your floor.  I took a cube of Styrofoam I had, cut out the shapes I put on the floor, & taped them to the cube.  After teaching Reagan how to roll the di, he had to identify what shape was pictured & jump on the matching shape on the floor.  It was super fun & not to mention helped Reagan exert some of that never-ending toddler energy!

Our craft project this week was shape sorting.  Super easy to do & provides several minutes of quiet play.  Simply choose some shapes to cut out, tape a large piece of contact paper up with sections marked off for each shape.  Then let them go to town sticking their shapes in it's proper place.

In what ways have you introduced shapes to your child(ren)?  Let me know below!! And as always, follow my Pinterest board (link on the home page) for more homeschool ideas.


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